Policy & Knowledge Mobilization

Policy & Knowledge Mobilization plays an integral role in the work we do.  From the delivery of credible and timely research, to the development and evaluation of all our programs, to informing and influencing public opinion and encouraging discussion amongst our stakeholders, Policy & Knowledge Mobilization lays the foundation upon which all other activities are built.



The purpose of the leadership strategy is to support system and school leaders in building capacity to support resilience. 

 Promising Practices from Canada’s Outstanding Principals™
 Building Resilience in Children and Youth 
 Renforcement de la résilience des enfants et des adolescents
 National Dialogue on Resilience in Youth 2008 Conference

Program Evaluation

The Learning Partnership is committed to evidence-based learning. As such it continually strives to ensure that all of its programs are supported by sound research and regular program evaluations.

Early Learning
Students at Risk
Speeches, Articles & Presentations

Knowledge Mobilization

Our Knowledge Mobilization activities aim to engage Canadians in important issues in education and impact public policy across Canada. 

 It's My Future!
 Business Education Task Force
 Summit Follow Up
 Public Education 2.0 - Report on the Summit on Public Education   
 Summit on Public Education 
 The Quality of Public Education in Canada

Great Ideas from Canadian Leaders

How well is the Canadian education system preparing students for the opportunities and challenges of the future?

The Learning Partnership's series Great Ideas from Canadian Leaders is an ongoing series of conversations on key issues affecting public education featuring Past President and CEO Veronica Lacey with leading experts in their fields.


Summit Follow Up

Exploring New Pathways to Student Success: Promoting, Advancing and Supporting Business-Education Partnerships

Policy & Knowledge Mobilization Contacts:
Gerry Connelly
Director, Policy & Knowledge Mobilization
Phone:  416 440 5125

Gareth Blair
Manager, Policy & Knowledge Mobilization
Phone: 416 440 5103

Charmaine Bryan
Administrative Assistant, Policy & Knowledge Mobilization
Phone: 416 440 5129

The 2012 Advisory Council Members

Joan Andrew
Judith Andrew
Jane Bertrand
Fiona Blaikie
Carol Campbell (Co-Chair)
Andrew Coates

Raf Di Cecco
Blair Dimock
Paul Favaro
Usha George
Gerri Gershon

Mary Lee Halverson
John A. Horton
Warren Jestin (Co-Chair)
Chris Knight
Medhat Mahdy
W. David McCordic
Beth Oakes
Julia O'Sullivan
Andrew Parkin
Alice Pitt

Tim Reid
Marilies Rettig
Eric Roher
Stan Shapson
Idan Shlesinger

Enid Slack
Richard J. Taylor
David Trick
Nancy Watson
Linda White
Wenda Yenson